Division of Administration
The Division of Administration is responsible for providing assistance to the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe in the areas of governmental affairs and supportive services. Executive Direction and Tribal Operations are charged with advocating for the sovereignty and self-determination of the Tribe and Bands by fostering improved government to government relations. Executive Direction and Tribal Operations work to ensure that constitutionally mandated duties, and directives of the Tribal Executive Committee, are carried out and fulfilled by the Tribe. Supportive services, including Accounting and Human Resources, are essential components for the successful operation of the various programs of the Tribe. Supportive services include financial management, staffing, benefits administration, computer services, special projects, and facilities management.
Executive Direction
Executive Direction is provided by the office of the Executive Director, who is the chief administrator for the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. The Executive Director is responsible for the daily operation of all tribal affairs, including intergovernmental relations, the performance of staff, and the achievement of goals by programs administered by the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. The Executive Director assists Tribal leadership by identifying and developing policy objectives and then by implementing policy once it is adopted by the Tribal Executive Committee. The Executive Director has also been delegated broad administrative powers and is accountable to the Tribal Executive Committee for the daily operation of all tribal programs and services. The Executive Director reports to the President of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe.

Human Resources
Human Resources is responsible for the management of all human resource functions for the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe including policy development, labor law compliance, and employee relations, as well as the administration of the tribal hiring, benefits, evaluation, safety, and compensation programs. Human Resources serves as a liaison between staff and management, and reports and makes recommendation for changes associated with human resources to the Tribal Executive Committee. Duties entail work associated with the Divisions of Administration, Education, Human Services, and Finance.

Staff Directory

Elizabeth K. Drost
Executive Director
Joel Smith
Director of Administration
Jane Rea-Bruce
Executive Assistant
Karen Pemberton
Tribal Enrollment Specialist
Danielle Kingbird
Tribal Operations Clerical Assistant
Pauline Johnston Tribal Operations Clerical Assistant pjohnston@mnchippewatribe.org
Jeff Brunelle
Accounting Manager
Fran King Accounting Assistant fking@mnchippewatribe.org
Jennie Reyes
Senior Accountant
Candace Chase
Mary Reich
Tribal Enrollment Specialist
Karina Guinn AP/Payroll Clerk kguinn@mnchippewatribe.org
Vacant EPA/GAP Coordinator

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